VIP Protection

People in important and critical positions such as politicians, artists, businessmen and scientists continue their lives under hundreds of threats and risk factors every day. These people, who have a high potential to encounter dangerous situations, should be protected with physical and electronic security systems. However, sometimes people in this important position refuse close protection services on the grounds that their individual freedom is restricted. The main point in VIP protection (Bodyguard) services is; The person receiving the service does not feel the presence of the person who protects him until a threat occurs. In other words, the person to be protected should be kept under a secret security shield and should be able to continue his daily life without any interference and restrictions.

As Pamir Private Security Company; We provide VIP protection (Bodyguard) service with retired law enforcement personnel who have the license and authority to carry weapons. Our fully professional VIP bodyguard team has the capability to analyze events that are unlikely to happen, to remove them from the scene of the protected person in a safe manner without any damage, in a safe way. We analyze all threats and risk factors for the person who requests VIP protection (Bodyguard). As a result of our analysis, we develop a personal protection plan and act in line with this plan.

By carefully informing our personnel who will provide VIP protection (Bodyguard) in order to easily eliminate a possible threat or attack, we authorize only our personnel with 100% success rate in this regard.

To our VIP Guard (Bodyguard) staff who will undertake this challenging task; firearms, melee, advanced driving techniques, first aid, crowd control, screening, explosives and chemicals, terror-anti terrorism, electronic security systems operator, crime scene investigation, public relations, human anatomy, defense and attack tactics, social events We provide them with a disciplined training on issues such as VIP Guard (Bodyguard) with a 100% success rate.

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