Site and Home Security

Since the beginning of history, the safety of living spaces is of paramount importance to people.
Each living space faces different threats and external factors. Therefore, different special security measures should be taken against different threats.

As Pamir Private Security Company, we prepare different protection plans for different living areas. Site by our Private Security operations managers
and by determining the risks that may occur in your residences, you should take the risk analysis and take the necessary precautions.
we present in a report. As Pamir Private Security company, if your site does not have a private security personnel permit, we follow these procedures on your behalf free of charge.
The private security of the living areas where we provide site security service is inspected by the experienced personnel of our company on certain days of the week, regardless of the routine, and delivers the results of the inspection. Our private security personnel receive on-site retraining during these inspections.
is subjected to. Missing situations of private security personnel are resolved with immediate and on-site intervention. Our electronic security systems and qualified Private security
We protect your living spaces meticulously 24/7 against all internal and external threats with our staff. We get the maximum benefit by giving the most appropriate training to our private security personnel who are assigned to the site and residences. Extra security to be created for the security of your living spaces such as sites and residences
Besides the services, we provide the following services as standard.

* Entrance and exit controls: Control of entry and exit with the barrier entry gate and control point at the entrance and exit; technical service person, cargo,
It covers procedures such as identification and registration of postal officers, search for suspicious packages and bombs.

* Protective measures: Monitoring of closed circuit security cameras, monitoring of electronic security systems, security of vehicles in parking lots
This includes procedures such as providing patrols and checks on specified routes.

* Guest protocol: The intake of people who want to log in, other than the residents, as a result of the approval of the residents, identity control
and registration, ensuring that visitors park in their own parking space.

Pamir Private Security