Health Institutions Security

Unfortunately, the number of healthcare professionals battered by the patients and their relatives in our country, and the rate of theft incidents in hospitals and outpatient clinics is very high. Health institutions and organizations to provide an effective health service; They should definitely receive private security services against possible violence, theft and disaster incidents.

As Pamir Private Security Company, we provide the security of these institutions with private security personnel who are experts in their fields, who understand the psychology of the patient and their relatives, and who have the capacity to prevent possible events with the hospital staff before they come out. For hospital security, we strictly follow the entrances and exits of the institution, and provide our necessary control and patrol services to prevent possible theft. We take precautions against internal and external threats to ensure the safety of health institutions and organizations, and we ensure that entries and exits are carried out in a controlled manner. We carefully protect medical supplies and equipment of vital importance, economic value. We minimize the loss of life and property that may occur with action plans, safety procedures and instructions we prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies.

Pamir Private Security