Factory, Construction Site and Facility Security

Factories, construction sites and industrial facilities are strategically important regions where potential threats and risk factors are effective. Extra security measures are needed to ensure the security of these regions. In addition, the whole process should be followed periodically and with great care.

As Pamir Private Security Company to ensure the safety of factories, construction sites and facilities; Searching with X-Ray device and handheld detectors, check-in and check-out of employees, accompanying the guests coming to the construction site by informing their relatives, 24/7 supervision and surveillance activity, follow-up of protective measures related to the safety of the construction site, speed limit control of vehicles within the construction site, As a private security company, we provide services to our customers, which are based on the control of materials and vehicles entering and leaving warehouses and warehouses, the protection of materials whose work ends outside and exposed, taking protective and preventive measures against fire, disaster and theft, and intervening when necessary.

Pamir Private Security.