Electronic Security Systems

Electronic security systems, to its user; They are deterrent and preventive safety equipment that offer many functions such as surveillance, warning, recording, detection, transition and control. These systems, which ensure that your living spaces and workplaces are kept under control and supervision 24/7, are shaped in line with the ever-increasing security need and help close security gaps.

As Pamir Private Security Company, we prepare an effective protection plan primarily within the scope of electronic security systems service we provide. In line with this prepared plan, we determine your security weaknesses and determine the most appropriate security system for your needs.

In addition to the warning systems such as alarm, motion detection sensors, door and window sensors, we take deterrent measures with closed circuit monitoring and recording systems (CCTV) that provide surveillance and recording. We also use preventive security equipment such as X-Ray detectors, automatic barrier and vehicle access systems, explosive and weapon detection detectors, video speech systems to ensure that human and vehicle entrances and exits are controlled.

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